How is business conducted?

Upon contracting to prepare a cost report, SCS provides a detailed list of items to be furnished us for preparing the report and includes instructions on procedures to obtain the correct amount of reimbursement from bad debt logs and DSH payments.  Questions and communications are handled by phone or email just as in most offices.  Documents needed for the reports are sent via internet, and the completed report is mailed through U.S. postal service or courier service eliminating the need for travel associated with preparation of most, if not all, cost reports.  Clients may choose, however, to bring the consultant on campus for particular needs if desired.

A PDF copy of the cost report and draft copies of cover and transmittal letters to be sent to Medicare are provided for the client to review before the final report is given.  Upon agreement, SCS mails the client everything required to file the cost report with Medicare along with the signature page and mailing instructions.  Included in the mailing is a well-organized binder containing a hard copy of the cost report and work papers for the client to keep and use as needed.

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